Spanish Adjectives (regular in location)

An adjectives is used to describe the noun, be it an article or a person.
In English the adjective is placed before the noun,
In Spanish, more often than not, they are placed after the noun.
Adjectives must show agreement of gender (masculine, feminine) and  number (singular or plural) with the person [...]

Spanish Adjectives (exceptions in location)

Two exceptions to the order (i.e. after, or before) are;  malo  (bad), and (bueno) good.
When malo or bueno are placed before the noun they change to mal and buen.
Examples are;
(1) una pelicula mala, or, una mala pelicula. ( a  good film).
(2) un tiempo malo, or,  un mal tiempo. ( a bad time).
(3) una buena niña, [...]