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August 20, 2008 by admin

Difficulty learning Spanish?

Do you want to learn a foreign language like Spanish? Are you thinking of a holiday abroad, maybe in Spain, Mexico or even Argentina? Have you ever looked in a Spanish dictionary and thought “I’ll never know enough for conversational Spanish”?

If you are like me, you will have tried a number of Spanish immersion programs, CDs/CD-roms and DVD Spanish courses . If you are like me, then you too would have struggled. This site is dedicated to helping you find a solution that will work for you.

Learning a new language can open up your life to an exciting new culture, in a fantastic new country. Travel around the Spanish speaking world, book accommodation, eat out at restaurants and interact with native speakers in their own country. The effort is worth it, and your life will be richer for the experiences that open up to you.

Home Study Courses

The beauty of Home Study Courses is that you can work at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. The downside is that you really need to practice your new language skills as you learn them, so any course would have to include an interactive element to help learn and practice words, phrases, verbs, grammar and vocabulary .

You will also need to stay motivated, so the home study Spanish course must be fun, engaging, and provide you with enough positive feedback to motivate you in your studies.

Rocket Spanish Ticked All of My Boxes

Rocket Spanish is a fun, interactive course for beginners (there is also an intermediate course available) that will actually make you feel excited at the prospect of studying. It’s practical too, teaching you exactly what to say in virtually all situations.

Here are some of the features or Rocket Spanish:

  • includes more than three hundred pages of grammar for beginning and advanced students.
  • includes interactive games to make things more fun and easy to follow.
  • contains over 12 hours of interactive lessons
  • a conversation course book
  • beginner and advanced grammar books that include over 500 pages, 414 exercises
  • fun software learning games.

Rocket Spanish is a downloadable Spanish Language course that will:

  • Give you confidence around Spanish speaking people.
  • Understand written Spanish on web site, books and magazines.
  • Allow you to enjoy Spanish Language movies.
  • Write in Spanish. Hey, how about a Spanish Pen pal?.

The entire Rocket Spanish course is available via instant download . That means no shipping or handling costs, no waiting for delivery, no risk of loss or damage in the post.

Do you want a Free Six Day Spanish Course?

Mauricio Evlampieff, the face and voice behind Rocket Spanish, has put together a free 6 day Spanish language course, that teaches you to take part in a real conversation. You’ll learn some of the basics like introducing yourself, ordering a coffee, and asking for help, plus more.

To sign up for the free Spanish Language course, visit the .

This 6 day free course will wet your appetite for what is to come in the complete Rocket Spanish Language course.

Read more details about Rocket Spanish Language Course

Find out how you can or less.

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