Spanish -ir verbs

Those ending in IR.   e.g.     To receive       –   RECIBIR         take off the ending IR. I receive          –     recibo you buy (sin’)   –     recibes he, she buys     –     recibe we buy             –     recibimos you buy (pl’)    –     recibís they buy           –    reciben

Spanish -er verbs

Those ending in ER,    e.g.    To sell            –    VENDER,      take off the ending ER. I sell                 –    vendo you sell (sin’)   –    vendes he, she, it sells –    vende we sell             –    vendemos you sell (pl’)    –    vendéis they sell           –    venden

Spanish -ar verbs

The majority of the verbs end in AR and most of these are regular, but as in English, there are some irregular verbs in each group. They have there own peculiar form which you need to be aware of and which need special attention. They have to be learnt and remembered in their own unique [...]